When I turned website design into a phone sex career


It was at the end of a summer’s day in Miami Beach.  I had spent most of the afternoon talking on the phone with a customer about how his website development was coming along and by the end of the conversation, the only thing I could think about was to go to my local beach hangout to have a drink with friends and let the sounds of the waves sooth me out.

suddenly-sex-sexy-womanIt had indeed been a particularly taxing conversation. When it comes to business, not all customers are created equal and this one customer in particular certainly didn’t think he was equal to anyone and on that day, decided that he was going to give me a hard time. Our conversation had been going back and forth, he wanted a Cadillac type of design but didn’t want to pay a cent more than a simple bicycle and his demands were becoming so outrageous that at one point in the conversation, I actually offered to give him his money back.  I am usually a very mellow and accommodating girl, never choosing confrontation when the option to solve an issue in a friendly way was available but I had been surprised by how much this guy had really annoyed me.

When I was kind and friendly, he was pompous and aggressive but as soon as a little annoyance inserted itself into the tone of my voice and he heard it, his attitude changed.

I was talking about this to my friends later on that day, enjoying the Miami dusk settle in, and was a revealing moment in my life, a life changing moment really, because it made me realize that power is a thing that we can all have, it we know how to wield it.

It was an exhilarating, if not sexy moment for me and that evening, back at my designing table, I decided to design a website, just for me, reflecting my mood as I was designing it.  And the further I was going with this project the more I realized that the site I was designing was actually an adult (as in sex) website.

Some people say that in life, nothing ever happens by accident and a few weeks later, I got a phone call from a lady, friend of a friend who was in need of website developer and she had been told good things about me.  There was a caveat though she said, and you need to think about this before you say yes.  I own a phone sex business and I need a site that promote some of the new cheap phone sex numbers I have just released.

I told her I would think about it, but the truth is, I already had the site for her!